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iCarly is a television show aired on Nickelodeon that has a liberal teenager bias. It features democratic values that the Democratic Party supports such as dating, fun, web airing, fun, socialism, fun, liberalism, and fun. It airs at different times in the weekdays and sometimes on weekends. Starring Miranda Cosgrove as Carly Shay, Britney Spears as Samantha Polluck, Bill Clinton as Fredward Benson and Elvis Presley as Spencer Shay.

Origins Edit

iCarly came from the mind of Superman to put a show on Nickelodeon that teens would like because they commit such crimes as dating. It aired on September 11, 2007 when the Twin Towers collapsed. It was popular with teens, especially with criminal teen couples.

Format Edit

The show is set at Ridgeway High School and has cranky teachers such as Mr. Franklin and a principal, Principal Briggs. Carly and Sam often make fun of people over such things as race, religion, names, for wearing clean underpants, eating pizza, going to the bathroom and beautifulness plus breadsticks bought from Pizza Hut being eaten. It involves dating, fun, web airing, fun, socialism, fun, garbage picking, fun, liberalism, and fun

DVD Edit

iCarly was on DVD for teen suckers to waste their money on it. $50 a video, it is the most expensive DVDS in history. With ½ of an episode, it is a waste.

Movie Edit

iCarly was put into a movie on January 17, 2008 called I Go to Japan, 0 milliseconds long. It starts and ends.